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nerds designing fancy bionic arms and shit in their fiction, never stopping for a second to look at them and think "how the fuck are you supposed to keep that clean"

Sanvein opens with the line "You have the priviledge to continue this battle." and despite knowing this line for years, my tired brain just misread "battle" as "bullshit". :blobsleepless:

Sanvein is a game that seriously needs a remake.

(Don't) change my mind.

Banks are shit 

I'm sure someone is going to shriek at me for using an 8BitDo SF30 to play PS1 games, but fuck off. It works.

this is why white heterosexuals aren't allowed to design anything, aka: "that white housewife etsy aesthetic"

And also that cheating bastard Billy Mitchell got his scores reinstated. :blobunamused:

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Huh. TIL that Christy Marx penned some Sierra games. :blobsurprised:

Escher Girl sighted? (Linked image so no description, unfortunately. I don't think I could even begin to describe it anyway.) 

Also, seems to have been built with repairability in mind, because there was a spare heating element for the gun in the box. :blobnervous2:

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Soldering iron and heat gun finally arrived, and for something out of China, it looks way more solid than I expected.

The base unit seems a bit smaller than I expected too, but still feels solid. :blobsurprised:

UK TV ads 

TV silliness 

Okay, how the hell do I make a systemd script wait until it's absolutely certain it can connect to a URL? >.>

Me, playing Gran Turismo 2 arcade mode: "Why the hell is my car not accelerating?"

Past me, five minutes ago: *maps accelerate and brake to the left stick instead of the right, like a complete muppet* :blobdizzy:

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