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YouTube arseholes 

Also, RMC's landlord truly is the pinnacle of bastardry. :blobcoffeeunamused:

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YouTube arseholes 

You know, RMC has taken the time to clearly explain his gradual rebrand from Retro Man Cave from both social and business perspectives, and he still ends up with whiny incels in his comments crying about "political correctness" and "getting rid of masculinity" :blobfacepalm:


And he's easily amused by early 90s CGI. :blob_laughing:

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Political subtoot 

No, I do not want to see Putin's "news" outlet on my timelines, thanks. :blobcoffeeunamused:

Linux gaming is a shitshow 

Basically, if I ever get to rebuild a gaming PC, it's still going to be fucking Windows.

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Linux gaming is a shitshow 

You would think a game like King of Dragon Pass, even with its 2015 remake, wouldn't be such a pain in the arse to run with working sound, but LOLFUCKINGNOPE.

This is exhausting.

Dead banks 

Trying to get Theme Park running and good lords, the Midland Bank placement really slaps you across the face. :blobdizzy:

Is it just ioQuake3 that Team Arena janks up and refuses to load UI assets correctly? :blobbored:

trans comic, help the artist, :boost_ok: 

#GoodbyeToHalos is a fantastic webcomic about a trans girl and her queer friends and a 3-eyed 4-armed pursuer who immediately starts lesbian flirting and a flamboyant enby God and so on. it features its own constructed language, complete with writing system.

The author is in money trouble and put up a high-res PDF to gather funds. The comic is free online, but if you like it and can afford, would you consider a copy? :trans_heart:

Oh gods, my dad is asking me about what garden design software is available these days. :blobfrowningbig:

Housing bullshit 

Whoever designed the Durham Key Options website should never be able to work again. :blobunamused:

Parents (-) 

My dad's heading the right way to having me make sure he doesn't get discharged from another trip to the hospital any time soon.

PayPal nonsense 

So apparently PayPal is implementing a £12 inactivity fine for accounts that stay inactive for 12 months, and some knobhead financial "journalist" is spreading alarm about it to farm clicks.

The thing is, apparently you only get charged if you still have money in your PayPal account and... why would you even do that?

Notorious paedo mention 

I wonder if that bubble car museum I visited years ago is still around.

And also if they had the sense to torch Jimmy Saville's Isetta. :blobglarenervous:


The good news is, that headache went away.
The bad news is, I'm still fucking tired because that headache prevented me from sleeping, not just from the pain but also from the stress having a headache for three days straight caused me.

Terrible slogan pun 

🎶 Washing machines die quicker with Zalgon 🎶

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