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So, did Icon steal the old painting and lightning esthetic from Renaissance Pictures, or was it the other way around?

trans, UK, GIC protest mural, discussion regarding suicide 

"A few friends and I painted a mural in Bristol to highlight the state of trans healthcare"

We need more of these.

When I was watching Black Panther, it was through Disney+ on my Now TV stick and the sound actually stayed balanced instead of killing my head with insufferably loud explosions, even though it was plugged into my parents' TV.

I wonder why that was. :blobhyperthink:

:blobnerd: gay anime terminal 

Today in things I didn't know I needed: a bash script that prints "see you space cowgirl" in rainbow. Suggested usage: your bash logout script. :blob_aww:

Overly masculine UK TV ads 

ManoMano seems like DIY but for the Bros or some shite. :thonking:

Good lords, I hadn't realised that Black Panther was over two hours long. o.o

Am I the only one who thinks "Kill Six Billion Demons" sounds like an anime rather than a western webcomic? :blobnervous:

There's a new StarTopia coming out next week apparently, and frankly, if they don't include the ZX Spectrum cheat from the first game, it will be an immediate failure.

Suddenly recalling the anti-piracy ads at the beginning of VHS videos where a girl is enjoying a video bought from a market stall and then the picture goes to static, signaling the abrupt end of the recording, at which point the child looks at her mother outside like she just witnessed a brutal murder. As a kid watching that, IT MADE NO FUCKING SENSE. :blobdizzy:

Abusive tech 

A VR firing simulator... by a company that deserves to have its balls sued off them by Disney. :blobdisapproval:

Suddenly wondering how many people missed the political message of Faithless' "Mass Destruction" and "Bombs" and just thought they were "cool songs", even though it was practically slapping them in the face with a giant fish. :blobnervous:


"Worf, son of Mogh, you have failed this sector!"

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So my dad thought that Prometheus sounded like Worf, and one quick Google later, I find that he is actually voiced by Michael Dorn. :blobsurprised:

Shitty bands 

Five Finger Death Punch? More like Ham-Fisted Dick Butt. :blobhyperthinkfast:

YouTube, perceived lewd. 

This, of course, being right after having "FARTS" scroll down the screen of an old IBM. :blob_laughing:

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YouTube, perceived lewd. 

"Sounds like that might need a little luuuuuuuuuube!"


i don't even know what capture card i can even get to replace this one, if anyone has any suggestions for a cheap one that can do 60fps 1080p capture and actually works on the current version of windows 10 please let me know

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Intrusive memories 

Whee, suddenly remembering the time I signed up for a training course after school (years before realising I was trans) and after being asked if I had a criminal record, the bitch interviewing me said I looked like I had one. :blobawkward:

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