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I guess dragging on a series for anywhere around 10 years is proving to be a bad idea again. :blobbored:

Looking at fake GBA carts’ PCB and going feral over these misspelled Nintendo logos

Did you know there was a version of BBCBASIC with SDL graphics for Android?

I didn't.

Now we both do!

Full screen graphics seem a little clunky on the Tauon, I'm not sure how much acceleration SDL gets on this hardware.

#bbcbasic #android #tauon

Why the fuck are we talking about stripping awards and not prosecutions and reparations?

Elite Dangerous (including the Horizons DLC which is pretty core to the current galaxy) is FREE from the Epic Games store for the next week ...

The game is completely free-to-play once you have it - there is no mechanism for players to pay money and get better resources, only cosmetics. This means that if you end up competing with other players (which isn't necessary anyway, and you can exclude this by settings) you are on an equal footing with only time/skills invested.

Elite Dangerous is a beautiful and immense, absorbing game. It's almost a "space simulator" with a 1:1 model of our galaxy and for the populated regions a well-balanced economic model.

Seriously, to search for screenshots and videos. If you don't already have a copy of this game, get one while its free!!

#elite #elitedangerous

Bad TV movies 

And I'm rushing to turn the TV down because this one guy's signing actually caused my headache to fucking flare up again.

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If you can't afford to help someone monetarily, just boost their request. You don't need to tell them how broke you are.

watch out for trans men today. it is both international men's day and trans awareness week, so trans men are at peak power levels. beware


And for those who mark today as Trans Day of Resilience:

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Parents, bad TV movies 

*some dude performing a Country rendition of Silent Night on this crap movie*
Dad: "Are you looking up the singer?"
Mum: "Yeah."
Dad: "American country star, I bet."
Me: "Probably Canadian."
Dad: "Nah, sounds American to me."

Me: *googles this fucking movie*
*song is performed by George Canyon*
Me: *googles George Canyon*
*he's Canadian*

Dad: "Really?"
Me: "Really. Seriously, most of these films are made by and stuffed with Canadians."

Why do most Canadian actors in TV movies look like Victor Webster? :blobnervous:

To get around EU regulations banning Lightbulbs over 60W, two Germans began importing 75W and 100W filament bulbs as "Heatballs" and "small heating devices", as they are so inefficient 95 percent of their energy usage winds up as heat.

Original tweet :

Poorly dated comedy 

Everybody Loves Raymond has an episode where rumours spread about a character being gay and its about as funny as watching paint dry. :blobbored:

Pour l'événement du TDOR (Journée du souvenir trans) retrouvez nous sur ZOOM à 19h, la réunion ne peux accueillir malheureusement que 100 personnes ainsi nous vous demandons de laisser la priorité au breton-ne-s :
ID de réunion : 853 2221 7632

The Internet Archive is now emulating Flash so now you can go back and revisit animations/games of yesteryear:

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