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Homophobes, Super Mario 

"Rosalina and Pauline can't be lesbians because Rosalina is from the future and Luigi's daughter."

Real YouTube comment just now. :blobbored:


I've never known anyone stress out so much over ordering a fucking Moonpig card like my parents. :blobglarenervous:

"Tribes of Europa" sounds more like an early 2000s PC game than a 2021 TV show. :blobnervous:

Violence against crotches 

Send help, dying of laughter. :blobrofl:

Restoration YouTube clickbait 

Correction: its not a PS Vita, it's a fucking emulation handheld.

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Restoration YouTube clickbait 

That's... not a Game Boy... :blobglarenervous:


No, you're hiring a stripper nun to perform an exorcism!

Do I even want to know why the are files in this Amiga archive titled "BELGIAN SPREADING ASSOCIATION"?

Death-related misread 

YouTube just reminded me of Konami's attempt at a racing sim, Enthusia, which I always fucking misread as "Euthanasia". :blobfearful:

"Windows 10 now runs on the Pi 400"

Okay, but next to fuck all else on Windows will. :blobhuh:

Selfie, eye contact 

Achievement unlocked: swapped out the sheets.

That magic dojo toot is getting a lot of attention. :blobnervous:

UK TV, shitty singers 

Could someone Saturday Night Takeaway Gary Barlow on a long walk off a short pier :blobglarenervous:

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