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fediblock, toxic MLs 

#fediblock’ing in our instances.

admin and main user self-describes as "post-left egoist (fichte/stirner) and unsavory pleroma nazi (according to woke masto shitlibs)", takes pride in doing (self-described) "edgy shitposts" like mockingly calling random things racist or cancelled, post fatphobic memes and so on and so forth. you know the type.

TERFs are misogynists 

I just felt a stotting headache coming on after reading this. It's like a fucking incel hammered it out. :blobbandage:

Cursed idea 

Call of Duty tabletop RPG. :blobyikes:

The sad thing is, I checked to see if this was a thing, and while there isn't, there's an official boardgame (because of fucking course) and folks asking for a suitable RPG system to run a CoD-based campaign. :blobawkward:

Roll for war crime, I guess? :blobhuh:

Does anyone even consider Jon Blow to be anything other than a pretentious todge?

UK TV ads 

Things I never expected to see: an ad for a regional "care academy" on a national satellite channel.

Oh look, my patience ran out with Aral Balkan about... fuck knows how long ago now. :blobcoffeeunamused2:

fediblock, racism, misogyny 

Thr tweets for the record.

I noticed his constant virtue signaling by quoting Angela Davis.
Wouldn't be surprised if she's the only black woman activist he knows about... :blobcatglaredrink:

fediblock, racism, misogyny 

defederating from because the admin likes to harass Black women on Twitter

Y'all, this petition to protect the music department at Mills College is extremely important for American Experimental Music.

Please at least give it a read. If you do sign, please make sure your name and any affiliations you have are visible and included.

Half of the people in the film Sisters With Transistors were connected to Mills!

#SaveMills #SaveCCM

Please boost!

I don't know when I got Tracks - The Train Set Game, but it's such a delightful and relaxing game.

When you're not having to pick up businessfolk in an impossible time limit. :blobawkward:

(Also, I swear Codemasters recycled Battersea Power Station from another DiRT game)

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Fuck me, this was an unexpected find in the DiRT Showdown soundtrack. First time I heard it was in Midnight Club: LA. :blobheadphones:

No, I don't need an "ironically" testosteroney, painfully comic-book style FPS with dead memes and an inability to angle sprites correctly in my life, Alpha Beta Gamer. :blobcoffeeunamused2:

(Also, commenters STFU comparing it to Void Bastards)

Royal Fail is pissing me off now 

I ordered a bunch of 18650 storage cases that were supposed to be here last Thursday, but I guess thanks to the fucking Bank Holiday, I'm still fucking waiting. :blobugh:

Also, why the fuck is the theme from Marvel's Iron Fist just straight up ripped off from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack? :blobglarenervous:

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