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tech is so fucked up that when tech men act normal and reasonable i am like, :flonshed: amazing,,,

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*looks at Fanatec wheels*

Fucking hell, you could buy a decent used car for those prices.

trans, UK, legal action, NHS, Good Law Project 

Good Law Project's action against GIDS is finally underway!

"A transgender boy is taking NHS England to court over delays in accessing gender identity treatment. The 14-year-old, who was referred to the UK’s only youth gender identity clinic in October 2019, has been told he may have to wait at least another year to be seen. He said he was experiencing “fear and terror” while he waits for treatment.

"Jolyon Maugham QC, director of the Good Law Project said: 'Whatever your views about the right treatment regime for young people with gender dysphoria, it can't be right that they face lengthy waiting lists - on some reports up to four years - for a first appointment. Children are losing the opportunity to be seen within a window in which they can secure effective treatment and so are, in practice, being denied access to that treatment.'"

And a special finger salute to the NHS mouthpiece who thought to add this coda to their usual "we're so overloaded uwu" boilerplate:

“The NHS has already asked Dr Hilary Cass to carry out an independent review, including how and when children and young people are referred to specialist services, so legal action against the NHS will only cost taxpayers' money and not help the actions already under way.”

hey anyone here good at drawing cyborg girls I wanna commission cyborg girl drawing for RPG

Also, TIL that sim games have a steering angle option so that the onscreen wheel matches your racing wheel.

Which is good for scrubs like me with a wheel that only does 270 degrees.

A diverse community that's safe for as many people as possible cannot be safe for bigots. You do not need to tolerate bigots in your community spaces.

Daft question, but does does American Truck Simulator content combine with Euro Truck Simulator 2? :thonking:

Witchaven 1 & 2 have been released on GOG. Bundled with "EG Whaven" fan bug fixed release and fixed map pack


I have this headache that's not really painful, just really dull, but it's just lingering there. Like something is pushing against it or something.

you’ve heard of sneak 100
you’ve heard wholesome 100
now get ready for

Awaiting the inevitable Battlefield/Hitchhiker's Guide crossover. :thinkhappy:

hellsite, transphobia 

Twitter just verified the transphobic LGB Alliance account

Incentivize your friends to move

Racist FART sacked by racist rag. know, I'm pretty sure I've typed "Meghan" often enough for SwiftKey to fucking not correct me. :blobglarenervous:

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