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No Man's Sky 

*double-takes at the sight of a Vy'keen worker at my Gek settlement*

Holy s$#&. Epik (host of many a white nationalist/facist/disinfo sites) just got 10 year data dumped by hacker activists. Looking forward to seeing the aftermath of neo-nazis sentenced.

TERFs and MMA 

"Are you okay with a man beating up another woman?"

Putting aside the misgendering for a second, these people really need to understand the difference between an organised sporting event between two consenting adults and an act of domestic violence. :blobdisapproval:

Slay gods to ska.
Banish demons to the beat of some happy hardcore.

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Cursed idea 

Honestly, just jettison the idea that huge boss battles need to come with a whole orchestra and choir screaming their lungs out, ya knaa?

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Cursed idea 

Epic CRPGs with the Horizon Chase soundtrack. 🎸🎹🥁

LB: The lady on the right is about to make her frustration everyone's problem. :blobnervous:

ALSO, they should totally do a reboot based on the surreal BBC Micro game.

Which means the antagonist gets eaten by a sea dragon.

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The Great North Run is 40, apparently and nobody thought to reboot Geordie Racer. Typical. :blobunamused:

I've never known anyone umm and ahh over buying bathroom scales as much as my mum has done today. :blobconfused:

No Man's Sky is perhaps the first game in ages, if not ever, that acknowledges that you can fall out of the world through no fault of your own.

Most games would leave you hanging or kill you, but NMS just teleports you back to ground level.

Fired it up one time expecting Megablast and got generic "dun dundundundun dun dun dun dun" music from a Sky One advert for Star Trek: Voyager circa 1997.

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Suddenly remembering Xenon 2000 and that, even taking into account that it was a game programming tutorial, it looked and sounded like arse and had nothing in common with Xenon 2. :blobawkward:

Shitty games people 

The Roblox Oof, aka the Messiah Oof sounds like the Tomb Raider Oof pitched up imo.

Tommy Tallarico probably stole that sound himself. :blobshrug:

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