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This Indigenous People's Day, give money to an Indigenous person.

If you cant think of any in your masto group, try harder. We're here.


Here's a freebie

Didn't expect Project Zomboid to be the subject of a question on an ITV game show. :blobwaitwhat:

The Larkins (ITV), racism 

Black folk and people of colour didn't exist in late-50s Britain, apparently. /s

Parents, mental health(-) 

And now I can't fucking sleep because I end up just fucking sobbing uncontrollably.

Christ, a new adaptation of The Darling Buds of May?

Parents, abuse (-) 

I'm fucking fed with the fucking red tory bastard. He gets to shout at whoever he wants but if I don't answer my parents the right way I'm told to "stop snapping at everyone".

And because I poured his tea down the sink (that I'd offered to make in the first place, he thought stealing my property was an acceptable response.

I demand it back, he fucking raises his fist at me.

But somehow I'm in the fucking wrong for acting in self defense.

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Parents, abuse (-) 

Love to have my phone stolen from me over a fucking cup of tea and then get threatened with violence when demand it back. :blobupsidedown:

"Lord of the Flies in space" seems a rather accurate description of Voyagers. :blobglare:

The plush bot is being a bit obsessed with rabbits at the moment. :blob_laughing:

Joined the National Trust, and it’s great! You can walk around old houses laughing at toff families who lost all their money.

And the parking is free, which is also useful.

Cards, the Universe and Everything 

I feel like I just collected the Infinity Gems. Or the Chaos Emeralds. :blobnervous:

Musicbrainz bullshit 

I fucking hate people sometimes.

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Github/Hugo bullshit 

Fuck's sake, :blobrageangry:

Did I fucking stutter, or did this Republican-looking motherfucker just wilfully misread my issue?

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