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Seriously, who thought carbonated spring water was a good idea.

Shit tastes like Solpadeine. :blobglarenervous:

LB might probably be the most on-point for that bot. :blobhuh:

(For the record, I agree with Spacedock on that one.)

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TFW a game introduces the boring unimaginative bulbous blob ship design in a new expansion. :blobnauseated:

Why have I had "Wilderness" by Jurgen Vries stuck in my fucking head for two days straight? :blobugh:

TIL that Shatter is getting a remaster. :blobastonished:

Just frankly hoping it adds a bit more than just 4K and 5.1, though.

MFW it turns out that I just needed to nuke the graphics drivers and install them from scratch. :blobnomouth:

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MFW DX-Ball 2 Anniversary Edition has regular framerate dips?

Fucking. Seriously? :blobglarenervous:

I still feel like new Star Trek did Yeoman Colt real dirty. :blobglarenervous:

Yep, this is the fun part:
Getting everything updated. :blobweary:

Deltarune came out in 2018?

What the fuck happened with my life? :blobastonished:

I don't think I've ever seen cultural differences explained so well in a single dictionary entry.

Getting up at 8am for last-minute hoovering might have been a mistake. :blobyawn:

Still pissed off that I lost an hour of my life waiting for a zoom meeting that never happened.

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I think I dodged a bullet with a recruitment company, because their goddamn website is a broken Wix site. :blobastonished:

Welp, my Stat Dec was surprisingly easy and cheap.

Apparently the Roland Sound Canvas-55 instrument bank has been decrypted awhile ago, and now you can download the whole thing as a 10 meg soundfont in SF2 format:

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