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Star Trek: DS9 on the Mega Drive is such an unusual game on account of being an action platformer.

And such a fucking annoying game too.

Weeb nonsense 

Petition to ban weebs.

Pointless creatures that just get in the fucking way.

❌ bee lost eir job & needs some support ❌ 

hi friends, ya fave sex educator was laid off yesterday and i need some support to buy a laptop to start the job search over again, as i currently don’t have access to a computer.

my venmo is @ juicebat, any donation helps! if you donate over $10 i’m also happy to send you a lewd (put your @ and a 💖 in the comments), and for over $50, a lewd video. please only donate if you have the means.

boosts always appreciated!

#transcrowdfund #wenbiesday

Please boost this fundraiser for a loved one returning home soon from state captivity!

Crowdfunds to help people in Lebanon.



Domestic Workers


If you are based in France

Lebanon had a poor economy before this, and their Lebanese pound is very low value right now, so they need donations in foreign currency

Donations to Lebanese Red Cross (via the app) are still good

My source:

Related: Seeing Currys charge £50 for a store-brand switch box (Sandstrom) somehow reminded me of when they tried to pass off their Matsui brand as actual Japanese tech. >.>

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Okay, how hard is it to design an HDMI switch box with all the bloody sockets at the back, people?

The ports face the back, the switch button faces the front. Not rocket surgery. :blobfacepalm:

Bah, even on Easy, I end up spending credits on the last stage of SoR2. :blobdizzy:

Doesn't help that the game gives you bosses that are cheaper than most of Mortal Kombat's "AI" combined.

Wait. I just noticed background rotation on the pirate ship in Streets of Rage 2. o.O

Weird dreams 

Not sure why I dreamed about a charity shop trying to sell me a binder full of IBM-produced floppies full of MIDIs for £80, but whatever, brain. :blobnervous:

Shit you wouldn't expect people to make a game from:

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, as in the 90s movie.

For comparison's sake, this is the Western version, which basically just uses the art for Turrican II: The Final Fight.

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Today I stumbled across the boxart for the Japanese version of Super Turrican on the SNES and it's... something. :blobastonished:

Bad movies 

Just saying, a old git filling up his car and noticing he's being tailed by the feds doesn't need to be scored like he's being chased down by a raging T-Rex that hasn't eaten in a million years. >.>

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Bad movies 

My dad started watching Dominion: The Last Star Warrior, and good grief. The composer for this movie needs to chill the fuck out.

Pitfalls of 8BitDo controllers: Being unable to use them while the charge.

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