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TFW just about every first person fantasy RPG is "dark fantasy" :blobdisapproval:


Gods, whatever filter Perifractic is using to kiddify himself and Ladyfractic is fucking unsettling. :blobnervous:


Watching ADG's vid on Realms of the Haunting, and good lords, some of its technical quirks seem embarrassing even by Gremlin standards. :blobdizzy:


TechMoan reminding me that I Think We're Alone Now wasn't originally a Tiffany song. :blobnervous:


"This is entirely a one person affair. Just like Ben Shapiro's sex life."

:blobrofl: :blobdead:

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Meds :blobawkward: 

I guess I forgot my meds for two days straight, even though I could have sworn I'd taken them. :blobdizzy:

Why did I decide I hate myself enough to want to reinstall Blood? >.>

art reposting 

meet the new iPap nano, now in iridescent pink!

Is Drew DeVomit shooting his omega techbro mouth off again? :blobrollingeyes:

Shadowrun, awkward moment for the bad guys 

"She always has been the most gifted of my subordinates. She even brought back the monster that you're going to face NOW!"

There's a silence.
No monster shows up.

"What the fuck?" he says, glaring at the narcomancer. "You said Robosheriff would be back by now."

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"You don't remember me?" the desiccated corpse asks. "A shame. I almost killed you. The name's Don Melkor."
"And now then, I'll ask you kindly to leave."

br00n_ale readies her shotgun. "You first, Donkey Hotay!"


Lexa Doig sounds fucking weird with a posh English accent. >.>

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Did Oliver seriously just have the Flash whizz over to Star City with a "He's Legit" post-it note? :blobrofl:

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I love how Felicity makes a seemingly impossible and risky hack sound like Tuesday. :bloblul:

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Selfie, pain, pets (hamsters) 

Being headachey and waiting for the little poopsausage to get out of his penthouse doesn't really make taking selfies easy.

(nor does having to straighten my glasses beforehand)


I thought I recognised Steve Bacic. Guess he actually did find work outside of shit-for-TV Canadian romance flicks.

UK TV ads 

Times Radio are acting like they aren't just another Tory propaganda outlet. :blobcoffeeunamused:

You want time travel? I got yer time travel right here. I got piles of time travel, direct from the factory. Going cheap for a few more days, then it's gone FOREVER.

Unless you buy now.

The Big Time Bundle. Ten books. One low price. Helps the Oregon Food Bank.

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