[Disk Seven] Jo Jerrica Decker @TrollDecker

@sanspoint The database diagram for my final year project. x.X

@theoutrider @pixelguff @masklayer All I'm getting from this is "come for the shitposts, stay for the titty." >.>

I wonder if there's a shared-universe theory behind Disney's non-Pixar animated movies.

TIL that there was a live-action trilogy of Fairly Odd Parents movies and oh gods, why did Nick inflict that upon people? D:

Gods, this database design is getting so labyrinthine, it's making my head hurt. That or the fact that I'm still up past 3:30 trying to get it together. >.<

@plsburydoughboy Their last Dejah Thoris book wrapped up few months ago. Now they're running John Carter: The End. :neutral_face:

Okay, so LET'S REVIEW: Dark Horse has Conan. Dynamite has Red Sonja. And now IDW is about to release a Kull comic.

And weirdly, they decided to take a partial leaf out of Dynamite's book and drag Kull into the modern age.

@Gargron @blacklemon67 :tomato:
[Extremely Ahstrahliahn voice] THIS is a tomato!

@Gargron *ponders the merits of federated selfies* :thinking: