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Private residence of Jo Jerrica Decker.

While this is a private instance, you're going to have a bad time if you cross me in the following ways, any of which will result in suspension of your account and/or instance from ever federating here. Got a problem with that? Tough. Don't try to circumvent, or the consequences will be dire.

  • You're a nazi (Put your goddamn "Everything I Don't Like Is Hitler" meme away, kid)
  • You're racist
  • You're sexist
  • You're homophobic
  • You're transphobic
  • You're a gatekeeper
  • You're truscum
  • You're a general bellend
  • You're a paedophile
  • You're a followbot

Don't test me. You'll fail.

You may not make a copy of any content originally posted to social.diskseven.com for commercial or academic purposes. By even attempting to do so, you agree to costs of my choosing. And you still won't be allowed to make such copies.