...Oh, I can't believe this.

DuckDuckGo uses Amazon cloud.

@Jo @giantessgnostic - How would Amazon track you? They can’t see your searches.

If you’re just worried about them knowing you visited Duckduckgo (Just like your ISP knows), use a VPN or use Duckduckgo’s Tor hidden service.

Let me know if I’m missing something... but I can’t see how Amazon can track your DDG usage just because DDG uses AWS.

@tinker @giantessgnostic
The average computer user in this day and age can barely diagnose a dead battery in their mouse, let alone faff about with getting a VPNs and Tor working. :expressionless:

And joking aside, I honestly wouldn't put it past someone like Amazon to find a way to slip something into the service without DDG noticing.

It's wouldn't even be the first time something's been joked about only for some pillock to make it a reality. :blobfrowningbig:

@Jo @giantessgnostic - Yeah... just not sure how... now I’m going to go nerd about this in my head until I figure it out 🤪

Agree with you on VPN/Tor. But even normal usage, Amazon shouldnt be able to track what users search for. This assumes HTTPS/TLS is working.

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